No standby on laptop with Win 7

יש לי ×*טבוק של ×￾זוס ×¢×￾ וי×*דוס 7
×￾×*×™ ל×￾ רו×￾×” ×￾פשרות להעביר ×￾ותו למצב של
מישהו ×￾מר לי שזה בגלל הדרייברי×￾ של כרטיס המסך ×￾ך ל×￾ בטוח


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The user should not have been banned for spam. He has posted in a different character-set that is unavailable in western versions of Windows. He posted in English in several other posts. He made a mistake. The ban has been lifted and we apologize to rsegoly for this misfortune. Please post in English as much as possible. Thank you.

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