Windows 7 No Upgrade Option In The EU

I think that it should be okay to give them the upgrade because the IE they'll have is from Vista and they aren't getting a new IE from Win7. This is getting kind of ridiculous... What's next? They're going to be forced to ship a version of Windows 7 that happens to be a blank disc because selling an OS is unfair to Linux developers?

Notice that they say there will be a Windows 7 E upgrade by the end of the year. Apparently the delay is so they can test the new upgrade path (which I imagine does leave Vista's IE intact, which is probably why it needs more testing then the full Windows 7 E).


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A Blank Microsoft Disk sounds pricey ! No such thing as a free lunch from MS :eek:


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Eur gets Full versions @ Upgrade pricing.

Looks like it - according to this page, Windows 7 Professional E for preorder will be £99 (Home Premium E for £49). Not bad, what you think? I'll probably go for that if I can't get hold of a copy for free (Action Pack/MSDN/TechNet). Can't be bothered by the Ultimate eyecandy.

By the way, that website is probably just being setup - the link at the bottom - - doesn't exist yet ;)

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