No valid IP?

Hi I have checked other threads but haven´t been able to fix this problem.
I have a V3-M2nc61s barebone computer and I installed win 7 from the xp version. Everything worked great until I tried connecting to internet. I get a "no valid ip" error.
My installation disc for the device drivers doesn´t work on win 7(great), but i have the ethernet device in device manager>network adapters.
also checked in device manager and everything seems to be installed dont have any questionmarks.
I have a adsl modem and it works like it is supposed to, because I am writing from my laptop who´s connected to the same modem.
And yes I have tried restarting the modem, without sucess. And tried rebooting the computer.
My bios finds the nvidia lan device atleast..
What am I doing wrong?
please help me....

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Welcome to the forums, Jimler. :)

1. Make sure that all required parameters (like IP address and DNS server, depending on the type of your connection) are properly configured (you internet supplier should provide these data for you).

2. Slim chance that they are broken, but Hosts files should be alright, located in \Windows\Windows\System32\Drivers and \Program Files\Network Ice\Black Ice. Your problem may be linked to upgrading 7 from XP, as Microsoft did not officially mean this to be an upgrade option.

already checked with my internet provider and it all checks out fine.
hmm tried searching my computer but dont find any black ice folder.....
checking my local area network: Unidentified network
nvidia nforce10/100Mbps ethernet

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How are you connected to internet ? Did it work fine in XP ? Are your drivers like for router or ADSL modem compattible with 7 ?

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i´m writing from my laptop with xp and it is connected to the same modem.
Weird that xp is working to get online but not win 7.
my adsl have always worked and there is no installation to get internet just plug in the network cable and your´e done...
I tried writing inn cmd ipconfig /all and there the ip is
but on my win 7 it´s saying ip:
what does this preferred means? it no such on my xp laptop

There are multiple DNS IP's you can connect to, the one at the top of the list is your preferred. Preferred IP can be used for new communications. Try to spell it manually in the IPv4 of your network adapter properties.

I tried typing the ip manually in the ipv4 but there´s still no contact to internet.
any other advise?

the is an APIPA address which windows uses when it can't find the DHCP server normally provided by your router, I reckon you have a driver issue on your NIC on your windows 7 computer, try hunting down a driver experiment with some of the vista ones if there arent any new windows 7 drivers available ............

i tried reinstalling win7, but I still have the same problem.
but it is a simple adsl modem and it´s not supposed to be installed. just plug in the network cable and you are supposed to be on the internet...
could it be that win 7 thinks my adsl modem is a router?

hmm seems like win 7 does not like nvidia nforce networking controller....
have checked other treads and they updated the controller and it started working, does anyone know where i can update my nvidia nforce networking controller?

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