No Video or Sound During POST


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After having no problems for a year with this build, I now have no video or sound during post.

Below is the observed behavior which has been consistent since the problem started last week.

1. When connected via DVI to Asus VW246 there is no video or sound during post. Video and sound display normally after Windows7
2. When connected via DVI-HDMI cable to Hanns-G HG281D monitor there is no video or sound during POST as well as no video when
Windows7 starts. I have quiet by accident found that If you restart then video will display normally after Windows7 starts the second time.
3. I have attempted each GTX 260 Video Card seperately as well as SLI

Windows7 Professional
Two(2) GTX 260 Black Edition video cards
Hanns-G HG281D monitor connected via DVI-HDMI cable
Asus VW246 monitor connected via DVI
Corsair HX 1000 power supply

Please give me a direction or a reccommendation!!


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Hi and Welcome to the forums. :)

You don't see POST, but can you see the 7 boot screen? Btw, you are not supposed to hear any audio during POST, just a system beep instead.

I'm connected HDMI-to-HDMI, have no problems during POST. DVI should cause no problems either. Is your motherboard boot logo set on in bios? It could be partly hiding POST.


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Let me correct my september 9 12:49 PM post.
I have no video input to the monitor (yellow led indicator as opposed to blue led indicator) therefore I cannot see the BIOS.
Also there is no system beep.



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Can you see the 7 boot screen? Can you see "Welcome" when logging on?


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I have but black screen until the boot is complete and the Window7 desktop screen displays.

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