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I just installed windows 7 and everything installed perfectly and the drivers work well, i installed vlc player and im playing an avi file using vlc player and the windows them goes to windows 7 basic color scheme and there will be just sound, no video..its just a black screen and i even used WMP and the same doesnt go to basic color scheme but just video and i cant understand why...
please help me out..
thank you in advance...

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My first guess would be that there is a problem with your video driver. Check that in Device Manager.

As I already replied in the other thread..

Go download CCCP or my preference, K-Lite Mega Codec Pack, which includes Media Player Classic. If you decide to install K-Lite make sure you choose, '7. Lots of stuff' from the dropdown box to cover all the bases.

You could also download MediaInfo which is a great little tool for inspecting media files. It can sometimes help when a file won't play ball :)

Hope that helps!

I'm using mobile Intel(R) 4 series express chipset family and the device manager says the device is working correctly...

Thanks currently downloading the K-Lite codec pack that you sent and will let you know if it works...

thanks in advace..lets hope it works out...

Downloaded the K-Lite codec and classic media player and now i can get video...thanks for the help...

Downloaded the K-Lite codec and classic media player and now i can get video...thanks for the help...
As whs kindly pointed out sometimes large codec packs can be problematic but I have used K-Lite for years with zero issues and can play anything I throw at it. If you are in any way concerned then you can uninstall it and clean up any stray registry entries with CCleaner and further problems with Filmerit, though Filmerit shouldn't be necessary.

Then simply install FFDShow and AC3Filter which should cover pretty much everything anyway.

Glad it worked!


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Gavin is right. K-Lite is one of the better behaving codec packs. Should you need to uninstall it, use the REVO uninstaller (4th option). Then you get all the registry entries and files cleaned up - and codec packs leave a lot of registry entries behind.

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