Windows 7 No Windows Games for Windows 7 RTM

I downloaded the RTM version of Windows 7 Professional x64bit about a week ago and installed it over Windows XP Professional x64. Everything works fine, I only had minor difficulties getting my wireless adapter fitted with the proper drivers. However I noticed that in the Games Explorer there are no games except for those that I've installed, there is no minesweeper or chess or anything like that. I was wondering if that was normal for the RTM version or if I should have these games already. Does anyone else with the RTM version have the Windows Games or will they be added in an update when the retail goes on sale 10/22?

I just wanted to add that I received my RTM copy through my school's program with MSDNAA and it is a legal copy, so that shouldn't be an issue.

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Sorry, problem solved, I figured it out. I went typed Minesweeper into the windows search and nothing came up but I hit enter anyway and it took me to this box called Windows Features and informed me that I had to check which features I wanted turned on or off. I checked the box called games and it took a few minutes to make the changes and now all of the games show up in the Games Explorer. Sorry!

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