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    I have corrupt entourage on my mac osx 10.6 mac. I assume I am running Windows 7. I bought the mac with MS Office installed and the shop sent me the Windows 7 Disk with the mac.

    I have deleted entourage mail app from my applications and I would like to re-install.

    When I try and update from the Windows 7 Disk it is telling me none of my disk partitions are suitable.

    Question 1>
    Do I need to re-install or update from Windows 7 disk to recover entourage or is there an easier way?!

    I have created a back up of all files so I don't mind re-installing if necesarry, but can someone - anyone! please let me know what this disk partition mean and why i cannot install windows 7 to any of them

    Do I need to delete all my Microsoft Office folders from Applications maybe? I am hesitant to do this just in case I cannot re-install then I have lost all my ms office applications.

    PLEASE can someone offer any advice. I am not a techy but I am very good at troubleshooting problems through research - I have spent 2 days on this now and have not found any advice on how to deal with - surely reinstalling entourage mail app should not be this difficult!

    Yours hopefully

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