Nokia PC Suite Combatibility probs???


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I just tried to install Nokia PC Suite on my Win 7 x64 system.. the program install fine but when I try to run it it says connapi.dll not found and I should reinstall.. I downloaded "Nokia PC Suite Cleaner 7.1.1" from Nokia's website but when I run it normally or in compatibility mode.. it crashes..

Anyone else experiencing this? Any workarounds?



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i have nokia as well running the only way i can get it to work is to tell windows to search for system/hardware changes and then it finds the phone and works like a dream untill the next time
i am running win7 32bit


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I fixed this prob with connectivity suite :D Seems it was a corrupt installation that was causing the prob. So I uninstalled it and ran regedit and searched for any keys of Nokia and deleted them all.. restarted my system and reinstalled PC Suite and yeah it works great now :p