Windows 7 Norton Anti-Virus 2007 Attacks Norton Anti-Virus 2008

Discussion in 'Windows Security' started by Celestra, May 20, 2008.

  1. Celestra

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    Jan 15, 2008
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    :) Hi!! Just for the record....... I was sent a Norton E-Mail saying I'm now eligible for my Norton Anti-Virus 2008 download. I tried installing it last night, nothing was said just hit the button. I was disconnected several times with several interruptions. After contacting Norton they said that the Anti-Virus 2008 program is designed to terminate the 2007 version. My 2007 Anti-Virus is extremely aggressive and apparently won the fight. A Norton spokesperson said I'll have to use the Norton Removal Tool before downloading the 2008.
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    Hi Celestra,
    I think Norton is an awesome range of software but it's only failing is that it's just too damn good.. I eventually gave up using it just before I switched to vista as it was just too intrusive for a semi-gaming pc.. If I ever wanted to just run a office pc, thats the software I would use but for gaming it eats up far too many resources.. Your own experience just goes to show that even it's own software is fare game!
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    Yes.......Have to agree with you both.............I have had Norton in the past and its very reliable and stable up to the time when either a new version is coming out or your subscription is about to expire and then it seems to "grow horns" and try to take over control of your rig.
  4. tanzanos

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    I got more trojan infections with NORTON installed than with any other AV put together. Stay clear off NORTON and MCafee! They are not worth the money and just plainly do not offer any substantial protection!

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