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Today i went to bestbuy and bought my parents a new Hp p6230y desktop. I got home and started up the computer and everthing went as normal. After all the updates and the computer was setup, i browsed the internet and it was fine. As soon as i installed Norton Internet Security 2010, the internet would not work. Not only did the internet not work, but the norton program itself would not open.

Also another problem has occured. In the system and securiy settings, under security, it is asking me to turn on the virus protection. When i click the button to turn it on, nothing happens. No prompt, no screen...nothing.

So in reguards to the two problems, can someone help me find out why these are not working. Thanks... Chris


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First try System Restore and see if there is a restore point to before Norton was installed. If there isn't you could try this. Go here and download this. Save it on a flash drive. Load it into the messed up computer and run it. It might work.

Download and run the Norton Removal Tool

I really think everything there is caused by the botched Norton installation. You'll need another Antivirus. Don't try to install that one again. It's obviously messed up. If you want to stay with Norton maybe you could download another copy with the license for that one. Or, there are a ton of good antivirus products out there. Some are free. I personally am no fan of Norton.

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norton solution

I wouldn't give up on Norton. I have had a similar problem. Go to online support and open a chat. Allow access to your machine. The tech will *completely* remove Norton and give you a link to cleanly install it again. Meanwhile, turn on the windows firewall.

When it's reinstalled, make sure to run live update.


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Stue is right, download the Norton Removal tool and get rid of it completely.

IMHO, Norton is the worst anti-virus out there.

I would also suggest you download RevoUninstaller to remove more left over files and registry entries before running the Removal Tool.

Download RevoUninstaller here:

Download Revo Uninstaller Freeware - Free and Full Download

Ditto.. my blogs have a section called Loathing Norton .. you'll need that removal tool... it diggs it's heels deeper than a rootkit virus.

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Norton and Mcaffee both suck. I dumped both with half the subscription left because they had endless and repeating problems. The last one was Norton Internet security 2009. If I didn't use it for a couple days I had to repair it to update definitions. The only reason I had it was because I couldn't get the PC I wanted without AV preinstalled.

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Every time I saw a computer trying to run McAfee it was struggling to do everything. It's worse than Norton. The reason I didn't tell the OP to get away from Norton was because I've read reviews that said the latest version was actually pretty good. Now I stand corrected on that. I guess it's still just as bad as it always was.

I use Eset Smart Security myself. It's so light on resources you never even notice it's running til it tells you about having updated the virus definitions or blocks a virus or it asks if you want to allow a new program to access the internet. It checks for updates once an hour. I've seen it update 5 times in one day before. Every time I didn't know it was happening til it told me it was complete. I've been using it for 3 years now and I swear by it.

It's not free but it's a small price to pay for the peace of mind it gives me.

alright looks like i have a good sence on what im going to do with this problem. Thanks everyone for the help

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