Windows 7 Nostromo n50 game pad


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Jan 13, 2009
Hey peeps,
Anyone here using a Belkin Nostromo game pad with 7? I'm having a bitch trying to get it to work. It's older and the 64 bit drivers are for the new n52 which has 14 keys as opposed to 10 but I keep getting a permissions error when I try to save the profile where it's supposed to go. I freaking hate that damn x86 crap. I'm waiting to here back from Belkin but you know how support is these days. :frown:
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n 52

Well the solution was to buy a n52 Speedpad. It works with Vista 64 bit drivers. FYI the n52te is a POS. Anybody have an extra n52 laying around? :D
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