Not able to choose window options at the start UP [server 2003 & Win7]

Discussion in 'Windows Server Forums' started by navneetsingh, Jan 24, 2011.

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    Hi Friend,

    I hope you will be able to resolved this issue which I have described below, I am really upset because of this issue so I want the experts help on the same.

    My Issue:

    I have window 2003 server in my one drive and window 7 in the another drive. At the starting days I just have only window server 2003 in one drive and no other window in any drive. After some days I installed win 7 in the second drive. That time all things were fine because I was getting 2 options at start up to choose either 2003 or win 7.

    Yesterday I reinstalled win 7 again because I was facing some issue in my win 7. I formatted the partition in which win 7 was exists and installed win 7 again. After getting the complete installation I restated my PC and since then I am not able to see the server 2003 at the start up even not able to see the win 7 option at start up. when I start my PC I just got the win 7 desktop (it seems I have only 1 window).

    I also checked the boo.ini by MSCONFIG, still I get only one option there : Window 7 (c:/windows) : Current OS; Default OS.

    Please let me know what should i do to get boot-up options for both windows. Is there any file in which I need make some changes to get the options at startup.

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    Can you press F8 before Windows 7 starts and choose the Repair my computer option?

    If so can you access the command prompt through the repair GUI and run the following command:
    bootrec /fixmbr
    bootrec /fixboot
    bootrec /rebuildbcd

    (see for details on how to use the BootRec command)
    Does bootrec /scanos find both your windows installations?

    Also might try a chkdsk /r /p

    If you cannot access the repair computer option try accessing it from your Windows 7 cd.

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