Not able to connect to a wireless network, it keeps identifying


I have Windows 7 Ultimate installed on my machine. Whenever I try to connect to a wireless network it does not get connected. It keeps only identifying...

I am getting IPs using DHCP only and rest all things like authentication are correct.

If I run "ipconfig -all" it gives "Media disconnected" for all adapters, does it mean it's hardware issue?



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If you could take some time and fill out your system specs following this advice?
Please include any specifics regarding your network configuration as well.
Wireless and wired network adapter Manufacturer Name, model name, model number, revision number etc.,
Router information, Manufacturer, Model Name and number, Revision number.
Have you tried the wired adapter if available?
How long has this been happening, has it ever worked?
Have you tried booting into safemode with networking to see if that produces any different results?
Welcome to the forums and keep us posted.

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