Not able to view my camcorder in Device manager and capture my minidv

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    Hi all,

    I tried searching whole of internet and this forum for the problem of not been able to see my Sony DCR-TRV30 in device manager and not been able to capture my video...but all efforts in vain..I tried uninstalling IEEE 1394 driver and reinstalling it luck..

    I am connecting my camcorder using Firewire 4-4 wire with my laptop which is Dell Inspiron 1525...

    Please help..Please find below a few screenshots of my system state to be able to provide some hints on what to do?

    Any help and pointer is highly appreciated..

    Just to add one more point - I have a corresponding USB cable also and mini usb port on the camcorder which used to work wonderfully on XP (SP2)....but not sure why it is not working in Windows 7..

    Any idea how to make USB cable work for the purpose of connecting my device to laptop and capture my videos..
    Thanks again for reading and suggesting on my queries..
    Thanks a lot...

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