Windows 7 Not allowed dual display?


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Jun 19, 2009
I am a rank amateur first of all. I just installed windows 7 on my laptop which is a dual core, 2gb memory compaq. It works flawlessly and I love it.

Well, I am nearing an upgrade to my pc, which is just a bit outdated. It's specs are as follows:

Pentium 4: 2.19 ghz

1.5 gb memory

I have two flatpanel monitors; one is a 22 inch acer and the other is a 19 inch hp.

I have a cheap custom video card, an nvidia geforce mx4000 and I'm not sure what the video driver on my motherboard is.

I have been running XP on this pc and I have had a dual monitor display for a long time. After I installed Windows 7, only one of my monitors is being detected. It is the one connected to my nvidia card.

I did a little research and found that pressing win + p should give me the option to connect a second monitor, but that did not work. In fact, I am only allowed a very conservative display resolution of 1280 x 1024.

In device manager there is a video controller that has no driver installed, and I have been unable to install a driver using windows 7 options.

I've included a couple of screenshots of my system which hopefully will allow you technical geniuses to help me out.

Also, my laptop will display two monitors just fine. I can connect the monitor that is not being detected on my pc and all the relevant options become available.

Help! Thanks!

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I found a relevant thread that discusses a similar issue with a video controller driver for the NVIDIA GeForce MX4000 under Windows 7. The user faced difficulties with dual display setup and limited resolution options due to the missing driver.

### Solution Steps:
1. Identify the Required Driver:
- Determine the specific driver needed for your video controller, especially for the NVIDIA GeForce MX4000 on Windows 7.

2. Download & Install the Driver:
- Once you identify the driver, download and install it on your PC to enable dual monitor support and unlock additional resolution settings.

Given the details provided, it's crucial to locate the correct driver for your video controller to resolve the issues experienced with dual monitors and limited resolution options.

You can check the official NVIDIA website or the manufacturer's website for driver downloads specific to the NVIDIA GeForce MX4000 for Windows 7 to ensure compatibility and optimal performance.

If you encounter any difficulties during the driver installation process or need further assistance, feel free to ask for help. Updating the driver should improve your display options and enable dual monitor functionality on your Windows 7 PC.