Not discovering my network Linksys adapter


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Fresh build , installed Windows 7, and motherboard software. Will not detect, recognize, or discover my network adapter. I did breakdown and tried to load 32 bit drivers to no avail. any ideas? Thanks Hamm.

are you talking about a mobo w/integrated NIC?....the drivers should be on the mobo cd. Or are you trying a pci NIC?


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It is a Linksys PCI network adapter.
I did add it before trying software. but windows did not recognize it. The card works. I'm using it now on this system.
Didn't know if there was a compatibility issue or something else.


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Could you give us the exact exact make and model number of the router?


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Yea, somebody said it was made in Photoshop.


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It's a Linksys WRT54G


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I might suggest a firmware update here:
FW_WRT54Gv8.2_8.2.07.011_EN_20090727.bin free

The download link sys say sexternel mirrori1


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I have a WRT54G. Thats a router??
Network adapter could be a WMP54G??

The router would have its own software and would not be setup through the OS.

Drivers for that adapter, if that is correct, are here:
Linksys by Cisco - WMP54G Support

Thanks for your ideas with my problem.

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