Not enough padding!


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I do like W7 but there are one or two annoyances, one particular annoyance is that there isn't enough padding or empty space around files in a folder when you want to select them, (when you have large icons selected that is!) XP was ok for that, it didn't matter what size icons one had... Not a big deal really I suppose, however, maybe something to think about for W8.:cool: Has anyone else noticed that? Hope so, it'll make me feel better about this almost pointless post! :tongue:


Yeah, now that you mention it... never really spent too much time over it. And only really noticed if trying to highlight a group of photos & just worked around it...Never thought of it as an 'OS Issue'.

My suggestion... mention it here Windows Developer Preview: General OS questions Forum

Once Microsoft asks me & others, to start testing the Win8 Beta, I may remember to mention this to the Build Team via Connect.


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I'm with you Syex. Trying to click on the folder window when using large icons is nigh on impossible/ a pain in the butt.

One of the better "pointless posts"!!! :)


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Cheers Elmer. Was thinking about this again recently. Is there a registry hack that could fix this perhaps?

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