Not recognizing sound hardware after 7 upgrade

I have an HP Pavilion dv4 that I just upgraded to Windows 7 64 bit and now my sound isn't working. I've read some of the other posts that talked about this and it seemed like it was just a driver problem, but mine is saying that the speakers and the headphone jack aren't plugged in. I'm not all that hardware savvy, so I'm not sure if this could be fixed by a driver or not. Also, all I have for Vista is recovery disks, not the actual vista disks. Anybody know what I need to do?


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Most all of us agree that an upgrade is not the route to take. It leaves useless files on your system and can cause conflicts as it seems you're experiencing.

Save all you Documents, Pictures, contacts, videos, music, etc to a flash drive,

Be aware, you will need to re-install your 3rd party applications.

There i poll going on now and "clean" install is winning by a mile.

We'd need to know the exact make and model of your sound card to help trouble-shoot your problem.


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If it worked before the upgrade, it is most likely the driver. Look to see if their are win 7 x64 drivers for your sound card. The upgrade to 7 may have left the older drivers which may be incompatible.

Like reghakr said though, the best way to go is a clean install.

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