Not sleeping (general solutions didn't work)


When I press Sleep at start menu, screen just goes to black for 1-2 seconds and after Windows Logon menu appears.

I've tried Allow waker timers to off, When sharing media to Allow the computer to sleep, Allow hybrid sleep to On/Off, USB selective suspend settings to Enabled/Disabled.

I unchecked "Allow this device to wake the computer box" settings in Device Manager for my network card and usb mouse. (I'm using desktop)

I also typed "Powercfg -devicequery wake_armed" at cmd to see which devices wake my computer up but it shows nothing. Just a blank line.

I checked event viewer to see what is the problem but I couldn't find anything in Windows Logs, Custom Views and Application and Services Logs.

On the other hand I can see Hibernate option at start menu when I set Hybrid Sleep to Off. This was a little bit confusing becasue it shows when it set to Off and disappears when set to On. Whatever, when it shows, than sleep is partially working but hibernate isn't. My computer goes sleep, but when I open it again I get blue screen error everytime says something like memory dump...

I really want to use Sleep option properly. If is there any idea, I'd like to give a shot.

This can be caused by an I/O device like gamepad or printer, if this is your case try to wait till the device finishes its tasks or simply unplug it.

My printer is usually in offline state from the its switch button, it takes no power so I don't think it causes that.

There's nothing extraordinary pluggined in to usb.

Altought 4-5 months ago when I was using Vista the sleep was working well.

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