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Discussion in 'Windows 7 Help and Support' started by cspence84, Dec 22, 2009.

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    I have had the same problems going on a few days now, i JUST built a new system and everything seemed fine the first day and 1/2 or so, now it feels as if i have to tip-toe around my desktop and programs just waiting for the next damn box to pop up "XYZ has stopped working" this happens to me with Windows explorer, Internet explorer, my games, installations.. ontop of it all i am having the same problems alot of others are having with the grpahics card i bought, XFX HD Radeon 5750, i get the Vertical Bars either brown/tan or pink or sometimes blue went im restarting at the "shutting down screen" and then the computer reboots to "Windows has recovered from a unexpected shutdown"

    So as i was trying to install the new catalyst 9.12 drivers in hopes that it would fix it, id get halfway through the install to "ATI Catalyst 9.12 Installer has stopped Working" that happened for awhile, but its not happening in specific areas, its completely random because eventually i installed it (Still no luck with the Vertical bar crashes... any help would be appreciated) but its driving me absolutely nuts.. id be able to play games for a hours into the night and then shut down, log on the next morning and its the whole damn process again, after decieving me to think it was fixed since it ran fine the night before.

    this morning i got a "stopped Working" while in the control panel trying to do a Windows index Experience test or whatever, it got near half through and stopped responding, tried it again and it completed the test, I have also noticed, not 100% positve, but alot of these problems seemed to start happening after a recent windows update. Things also feel as if they are boggin down, clicking around and loading like desktop icons and things which i hoped wasnt going to be a issue since i have 8gb of ddr3 1333 ram

    Anyway i apologize for the lengthy post, i would really appeaciate any help. Also i have tried the MachineThrottling regedit thing, mine aswell does not have this tab/key its jsut says Default. i have even turned off Customer Care Experience or whatever its called aswell, still no luck,
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    I would probably take out half the memory. What brand of memory do you have?

    How large of power supply do you have?

    Are you overclocking? Any chance heat might be a problem?

    Are you using Win 7 drivers for the ATi card or ATi drivers?

    Do you have any external devices attached?

    You might try running the system in a lower basic resolution for a while to see if the problems decrease.

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