Windows 7 Notebook display brightness low when plugging out power cable?


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Mar 20, 2010
As long as the power cable is plugged in in my notebook the brightness of my display is fine.

But when I plug it out and use the battery the brightness becomes suddenly darker.


How can I prevent this switch-to-dark-screen?

I found no corresponding option in the power plans

Start > search box, type power options > Enter > on the right side of the Power Plan you have chosen, click Change Plan Settings > under On Battery, at Adjust plan brightness, move the slider over to the right side to increase brightness > click Save changes when you are done.

P.S. You battery is a suspect.

Pretty much every laptop I've used dims when you unplug it from the wall.
I always assumed this was to save battery life.

But as Dave said, there is a brightness adjustment.
On my wife's Dell I still can't get it as bright as when it's plugged in.

The screen is one the most power consuming part of the laptop. This darkening happens just simply to save power when your laptop is unplugged. The settings can be found under Control Panel >>> Power Options.
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