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+o(Does anyone know what would cause my Notepad to stop working? When I copy using Control+C, nothing happens using Control+V to paste it.

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Windows 7 Discussion isn't for support, but make sure you are copying the text from an item that isn't unusual to Notepad, such as Flash or Java text.


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Might be you have replaced your text editor with another one?

Windows 7 Discussion isn't for support
What's that? Sounds like horse dropout...

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Is control +C Paste working elsewhere?
If not, then the problem maybe there, not with notepad. But try and substitute it with one of the other notepads residing in the OS

There is another in
C:\Windows\System32\dllcache , which is a hidden folder.You willd have to set your Folder Options - View to" Show hidden files and folders", to see it. copy it over to C:\Windows.


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Copy (control+C) and paste (control+V) both work fine in my Administrative Account, but they don't work in my User Account. I'll check the hidden folder.

Thank you!

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