Nothing in Bios Boot sequence

When I go into the Bios Boot screen there is no CD, HD etc option. Blank? Any suggestions please?

Sinbad NZ

Do you have HDD/CD/DVD in your PC at the moment?

-- There definitely is such an option in every bios How to Set BIOS to Boot from CDROM -
-- Your motherboard manual should tell you more.
-- Upgrading BIOS to the latest version would be a good idea.


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Is the OS booting OK, and has it always, or is this a recent occurence?
If it ha never booted, you should have a look at the leads and jumpers on the HD(s). Apart from total HD failure, that is the only reason for such a thing.

Thanks for the responses. It is a new computer that has worked fine for the last month or so. When I switch it on it comes up with the insert boot and press any key message?


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It is apparent that the CD/DVD is the first bios choice in your sequence. But if, as you say, no HDs or CD/DVD options are showing in your Bios options, then I am afraid, other than the previous suggestiions in this thread, I cannot think of any other remedy. Even if your HDs etc were not working (unlikely for both!), but connected correctly, they should still show in the bios as a priority choice.

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