Now, a 'bum bra' for your sagging buttocks

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    A leading US psychologist has patented a bra for the bum, which according to her, restores pertness to sagging buttocks

    Creator Karin Hart claims that the garment, featuring straps worn around the waist and under the buttocks, instantly shapes and adds tone to the rear.

    Hart said that she came up with the buttock-clenching idea after realising that her own bottom wasn't as pert as it used to be.

    "The Biniki buttocks support idea came to me at a moment of personal need. One look in the mirror after some rapid weight loss showed me the unhappy truth, my bottom was sagging," the Daily Telegraph quoted her, as saying.

    Dr Hart started developing designs for a wearable item that would do the same job as a surgical bottom lift.

    "Trying to find a design led me to buy some self-adhesive tape. Then working with a mirror and adjusting the tape into several configurations I found one that resulted in just the right support in the right places," she said.

    She patented her invention and now sells what she has dubbed the "butt bra" through her US-based company for about 15 pounds

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    :razz: No end a woman will not stoop to, to look good :razz:
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    It's sickening how shallow women can be, and the new breed of so-called men (you know the type, fake tanned, waxed chest, caffiene eye coverup, use moisturises and wear makeup foundations etc)
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