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Are you great with computers and helping others?
We are pleased to announce that Windows Forum is looking for new volunteer staff members who are capable of functioning as forum moderators. The team is held to a high standard. We work together in groups, and individually, to make the website better for all members.

The key duties of all forum staff members are to use technical expertise to help solve computer problems, and to deal with violations of our Terms of Service rules.

The application asks questions to help us make a determination. Be sure to read and familiarize yourself with the documents mentioned on the application prior to filling out the application.

To meet our minimum requirements, you should have an intermediate to advanced background in computers, a proficiency in website management or quick to learn new skills, good self-awareness, the ability to convey complex ideas to others over the Internet, the ability to accept constructive criticism, and good critical thinking skills. You should be polite, thoughtful, and engaging.

If you have a passion for computers and helping others, your interest is greatly appreciated. If selected, you will be asked to join our team on a trial basis. We will work to get you up to speed on our rules and policies, and you will be considered an unofficial representative of the website.

Remember, this is very much a volunteer position and not for everyone.

Every application will be reviewed by hand. We look forward to your interest! :)

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#2 is once again taking moderator applications! Please let us know if you are interested! :l:

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I think it's best to apply again.

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