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Mar 20, 2009
This is an issue that a Lot of people have been running into- well... eveyrone who tries to use it that is.

For some reason NProtect Gameguard does not work with windows 7- this means that any games that use it to prevent exploitation also do not work, because they will only run if they detect it in the background.

It runs kind of like a rootkit i'm told, and it works on windows XP and windows Vista. I've tried installing it (it is included with my game, gunz the duel ( on multiple security setups- and nothing. There have been a few people who have reported no problems, but I've tried it on both 32 and 64 bit builds of windows 7- and nothing.

I know that nothing is officially supported, and nothing is guaranteed to work- but does anyone know of a workaround that I could try? I've been keeping an eye on google for several months, and nothing has come up.
The Fix

Just go to the folder in your game's install location and replace the current "gameguard.des" file and then your game should work.
I've fixed FlyFF and WolfTeam


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Re: The Fix

Waka i have tried your fix a few times but it does not work whenever i replace the .des files the game just auto updates or something and removes your file :/.
Re: The Fix

At this point in time, GameGuard has been updated to run on Windows 7 (I've thoroughly tested this myself through many games)
If you are having problems.... I would need more information before I even tried to help you....
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