NTFS error code 55


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Hey guys,
I recently obtained a new graphics card (AMD Radeon HD 6870) and wanted to start my computer afresh. So, I reinstalled windows via Boot CD and installed all the AMD drivers as well as a few programs like AVAST! , Java x64, Malwarebytes, Steam, Firefox, and of course Minecraft.
Now, I can run the internet pretty well and there arent any errors when browsing, But, when I attempt to play a game such as Minecraft or even a simple game such as Darwinia, My computer crashes into blue and black stripes.
I checked the Event Viewer and found that everytime before my computer crashed, the error message~ "Ntfs: The file system structure on the disk is corrupt and unusable. Please run the chkdsk utility on the volume ." appears with error code of 55.
I looked up a few solutions to this such as running Chkdsk (led to no bad sections)
and even Chkntfs on both my C: drive and D: drive (both were "not dirty")

I have no idear what the problem is.. im pretty sure its something with my Hard Drive (1Tb WD ) ... but again i have no idea

please, please help me!


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In some circumstances, like a Steam game, you can rebuild the game. Possibly that would help. I could not start one of my games once and it got it working again. If you have a new graphics card, they may still be using info about the other card.

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