Windows 7 NTFS Permissions - Need some help


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Jul 4, 2012
Im confusing myself on these ntfs permissions.

Is there an easy way to allow a specific group rw access to one file in a folder full of other files but only have ro access on all other files...without changing the permissions on each file?

The problem I have is we have a folder organized with many files in it where all the files have a relationship to each other. Just for organization. They are all .pdf files, but there is an excel file in there as well, to serve as a log of what is being done. I need to allow a specific group "rw" access to this file, but only "ro" to everything else in the folder, to protect from accidental deletion. Yes we have backups, but we dont have every backup since the beginning of time, and if in the event a file is deleted, we may not realize until its backup has been cycled out. So I would really like to protect from deletion by allowing only "ro" on everything but this one excel file.

The problem is, If I allow "ro" on the folder, and then assign the "rw" on the individual file alone, when excel saves, it creates a temp file in the dir, which then throws an error, access denied because they only have "ro" on the folder. What would be preferred is if I could change the location MS Office uses for its temp file creation. If that cant be done, does anyone know of a way to do what I am asking without a permission headache?
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