NTLDR Missing -- Don't Have An OS -- Computer "Wiped Clean", Now Can't Install an 7


Apolgies if this topic has already come up. I couldn't find the appropriate thread.

My office was disposing of old computers, so I snapped one up. Before they handed them over, the tech guy "wiped everything clean" (Windows XP was the OS). So now I have a "clean" computer, and I'd like to install Windows 7. Seems that everything I try, I get the "NTLDR Missing - Please press clt+alt+delete to restart" prompt. Booted with/without the install disk and got the same thing. Tried to tweak the boot order in the system setup (CD drive first), but nothing changed.

Any suggestions? Very frustrating stuff.




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So you basically can't do anything? If the DVD is set to boot first, hitting a key when asked about booting does not work?

If you disconnect the hard drive, can you boot to the DVD?

Do you have another hard drive or computer you could put the drive in?

Do you have an F12 key you could hit to boot to the DVD?

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