Windows 7 ntoskrnl.exe crashes pc when playing games.


When i try to run any game or after 5 minutes to 2 hours of game playing my screen goes black, i still have sound and can talk to people on ventrilo but my only way out is to press the reset button.

Things i have tried.

1 Different power supply
2 memtest ram
3 fresh install of windows.
4 have 2 gpu's and have tried one at a time

Here are my specs and will attach the dump file, will very much welcome any help as im at the end of the road with this rig :(


Asus maximus II formula maotherboard P45 chipset Bios 2302

Intel Quad core Q9550 2.83

Crosair Dominator ram 2 x 2GB sticks 8500

Thermaltake 1000W toughpower psu

2 x XFX ATI 5870 Latest drivers 10.11

WD VelociRaptor 300 GB


LG DVD drive

Antec 1200 case

Here is the dump file.

Hey, welcome.

Yep, attach the dump(s) since it seems you forgot.

Oops sorry :( Dump file attached as Zip, Thanks.


Sorry to say, not very good. It's a 0x124 hardware stop and I can't even see your drivers because of it.

1) Uninstall whatever antivirus you have and then replace it with MSE.

2) Post any new crashes if/when they happen.

3) Post a screen shot of CPU-Z memory tab and also spd tab, now.

4) Update the motherboard bios to latest, now.

Hi, thanks for your reply.

1) Have been using mse for quite some time now.

2) Will do :)

3) Will add them to this post

4) Have been running the latest bios 2302


More bsod, this one is dxgkrnl.sys, more dumps :(


The issue is that your memory is very overclocked. It is running at 533 MHz and needs to be running at 400 MHz.

Change the bios to make that happen and save.

ALTERNATIVELY, you can leave the frequency as is and simply change the VDIMM voltage to 2.1V instead of 1.8V, where it is now. Save.

Hi, i have set the ram to 400 then today i tried to run a program called Everest and got a bsod.

I then have tried to open Windows live mail and got another bsod.

I have added the dump files for you to look over.

Once again thanks for any help.


No need for any more crash dumps. Either your bios is still unwell or the memory is defective. Very likely it's the former.

You can test with Memtest86+ overnight 8-10 passes if you are completely sure bios is set well now, with proper timings, frequency and voltage.

Thanks for your reply.

To be honest everything in the bios is set to default apart from the memory now which i have set to run at the 400. i really wouldnt know what everything else should be set at.

Do you sugest i flash to the previous bios and see how it goes?

I would have already said to do that if it was a suggestion, so no. That would be a step in the wrong direction.

My suggestion is exactly how I posted above. You're welcome.

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