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    Dec 20, 2009
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    Hi guys, hope you all are well..

    I stupidly installed 2x Operating Systems onto one partition, namely Win7 (which was already installed) and Xp...!

    Initially I had installed Xp onto a USB drive, which was a complete FAIL, met with blue screen after blue screen... so i decided i wanted to go back to Win7 and try installing Xp again... so i went to the boot menu and told it to boot from the Hard drive(which only has win7 on it) ... after doing this it said that I needed to reinstall the operating system, (i dont see why this is the case because i didnt change anything on the main drive) anyway, so i decided the only way i can change the boot to start with Win 7 is to install Xp on the harddrive(same partition as Win7) and use Xp to change the boot.ini file to load Win 7..

    i now get the error message ntoskrnl.exe is missing or corrupt.. Is there any easy way for the startup processes to detect and deploy Win 7 instead of any other OS, or other OS files...?

    (winxp is 32bit, and Win7 64 ultimate)

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