ntoskrnl.exe & ntkrnlmp.exe crash while gaming

Hey guys just built a new rig the exact same as my friend only thing is im gettind bsod when i play a game and he aint:(

- CPU: AMD Phenom II X6 1055T 2.80GHz @ 3.80GHz
- Motherboard: Asus Crosshair III Formula AMD 790FX (Socket AM3) DDR3 Motherboard
- RAM: Corsair XMS3 4GB (2x2GB) DDR3 PC3-12800C9 1600MHz Dual Channel
- EVEA GTX 460

so far ive deleted and reinstalled the drivers for the gtx460 and reinstalled windows 7, please help built a rig to play games now i cant lol



Please attach a screen shot of CPU-Z spd and memory tabs.

Uninstall all Gigabyte utilities such as EasyTune.

thank you for the reply, i also did a ram test with memtest86 and found no errors, did 18 passes. ive uninstalled all gigabyte programes bar @bios, not too sure weather to remove that or not cause it said bios? loaded a game again and within 3min of playing got bsod, heres the latest dump files and screen shots of cpu-z and mem, thanks for your help:)


Unfortunately, you didn't attach the spd screen shot.

I still know that you memory is set very unwell in the bios and majorly overclocked. It is the issue here.

Please post a new screen shot of the spd tab directly, without rar or zip.

Also, go into the bios and Load The Optimized Defaults before doing so, then save.

(You need 3:10 FSB to DRAM ratio. Not 3:8 like it is now....most likely (no spd tab yet, like I said.)

heres the screen of the spd, sorry i only looked at slot 1 and it was blank aswell as slot 2, just looked at 3 and 4 now and there the ones being used, the screen are taking before i went into the bios havent dont that yet as i want ed to ask if i load the optimised will it wipe out my over clock of cpu? thanks


The absolute positively first thing you do when you have bsods is to set default clocks for everything.

Load the Optimized Defaults and enjoy.

If you want to overclock or tweak, this is not the right forum for that. We're here to help repair bsods. I've done that for you already by showing to set default clocks.

Plus, your memory needs to run at 667 MHz, with 9-9-9-24 timings.

Enjoy. (Please do not post any more crash dumps as it would be completely unnecessary.)

thank you so much i set the optimize defaults and i havent crashed again, lost my overclock though so il ring up overclockers.co.uk and complain because thats who i got the buddle from, thanks again your a star!

Sure thing, you're welcome.

I mean, you are more than welcome to start a new thread in say, the support section, to ask for help with overclocking.

It's just that there is no overclocking "allowed" here in the bsod section...or at least for anyone looking to be helped.

Now that you've received your help, feel free to pursue the overclocking if you wish....but like I said...just another section of the forum is all.

Someone will likely help ya out a little with that, just not me lol....I do enough for the community for free. I'm not about to tweak machines for free too lol. :p

i understand, i was just worried about losing the overclock because i just paid out £360 for an overclock buddle but id rather have no bsod than an overclock buddle that i cant play games on lol , have a good day!

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