Nvidia 3D Vision

has anyone out there got this setup??
I fancy getting the glasses bundled with the Samsung 22inch 120hz monitor.
I have read good and bad about it like most things really.



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The bundle is 599.00 US- To rich for my blood. However, it sounds great. Samsung has been described as the "BEST" manufacturer for LCD Monitors. You want the 120 Hz Samsung Sync Master 2233 RZ 22" 3D Gaming Monitor. Silk Smooth 3D experience, amazing depth perception. The glasses aren't stylish but are very well made. (A 1 hour charge gives your glasses 40 hours play time) There is a video attached to the bottom of this advertisement- don't miss looking at it. NVIDIA 3D Vision Bundle: Samsung Syncmaster 2233RZ 22" 3D Gaming LCD Monitor and NVIDIA 3D Vision Stereoscopic Glasses at TigerDirect.com


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The price on the Nvidia 3D Vision Bundle gagged me. I wondered is there anything out there for us poor people? I came across this: Z3 Technology H220Z1 22'' Widescreen 3D Gaming LCD Monitor - 700:1, 5ms, 1680 x 1050, DVI - H220Z1 - Buy.com (Comes with glasses also) :D $337.99 with free shipping (Buy.com did a tech test of this product- ) I went to the iZ3 Website and found out this product now supports Windows 64 bit^^^^ If that helps anybody out. The monitor looks much nicer on their website.
http://www.youtube.com/user/lionsgatemovies?blend=2&ob=4#play/user/04B1276165FB16EA/0/TvjnidkgRSY (Remembering Gamebox 1.0 ?)

I wondered about all this to when I first saw it, any experienced it yet?

I just downloaded the latest Nvidia drivers for my 9800GX2 and the download incorporates the 3D Vision software too. All i need now is the 3D galsses and Samsung monitor.
This will have to wait a while though until i have saved up enough money!!!!


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I like NVIDIA, it doesn't matter much to me.... I've been told the 3D Monitor isn't grand at graphics and colors dull without 3D. Then there's the issue of eye strain. Seems like a lot of money for something I only use occationally for gaming.

I'm rocking this setup right now, and honestly i love it.

I cracked my old LCD while painting and decided to replace my old VA type LCD with with a good gaming LCD. After doing a bunch of research, I decided on a 120hz TN, as this would be the optimal performance for gaming. The logical choice from there was the samsung 2233RZ and i'm very happy with it so far. The 120 hz performance is really amazing and very noticeable.

I found this thread because i'm curious if there are any known problems with this technology running under windows 7, i'm currently running vista 64 and am hoping to install windows 7 very shortly.

I too wonder if anyone would share personal experience with this stereo 3D vision, how does it feel, are there any 3D games to make use of this technology ?

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We're getting a little off topic, but yes, Alien Exterminator looks quite tempting:

Hope they'll add support for Nvidia 3D Vision. :D

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