Windows 7 Nvidia 8400m gs external display black


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May 1, 2009
using windows 7 7100 x64, and all works perfectly, except cannot seem to use my plasma as an external monitor anymore. The laptop is a hp dv6799ea, 4 gig of ram, and the nvidia 8400m gs graphics card.
On vista it worked fine, and i have tried using both the pre release driver, and the one released by nvidia yesterday.
When i plug in the vga cable, the laptop still recognises that it is plugged in, as the resolution lowers. When i flick to the vga input on the tv, all i get is a black screen. Lower resolutions produce no change. Pressing fn-f4 still flicks between laptop, laptop and vga and just vga, but still only results in black screen on tv. The new window-p keyboard shortcut for external projector also doesnt work. is the driver i currently have. any help appreciated!

Additional info

Just plugged it into a hdmi port on another monitor i had, also didnt work.
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Hi There,

NAvigate to Nvidia download page, they´ve just posted new drivers specially for win 7 beta (rc1) ...
Try it....
Fyi, Nvidia fixed this issue with the most recent driver update :)
vga and hdmi now working again as of last week.
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