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If you right click on a blank area of the desktop there should be an option in the list that comes up called "nVidia Control Panel"... If it's not there than another way is to go to Windows 7's control panel and double click the "nVidia Control Panel" option from there... If neither of those methods work than perhaps you've installed the wrong drivers for your card.. I've heard of that happening before as a result of the wrong drivers being installed... ;) Unfortunately I don't know much more about nVidia as I've always been an ATI guy.. but I'll do a little research on the subject for you and see if I can find a definite solution.. :) I'll report back if I find anything....
i dont have one

on my integrated ATI 3500. The card works great, but this came on the board. I haave a new card but this integrated card looks fantastic. it just doesnt have any settings.

The board also has HDMI on it, something I will lose once I put another vid card in
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Re: i dont have one

Hello to all.I'm a new member
I've bought MSI GE620 and it'sVGA is Nvidia Geforce GT Nvidia Control Panel I don't see "Display" & "Stereoscopic" buttons.but in my desktop PC They are exist.How can i see them in my notebook.
Re: i dont have one

Hi rpoorro,

it might be worth checking with either your laptop manufacturers or Nvidias website as to the actual capabilities of the mobile version of that particular chip. Mobile chips don't always have the same functionality as their bigger desktop cousins. Other than that do you have the drivers up to date and installed?
hi.thanks for your respond dear friend.
yes I have installed the driver version 275.33 that is up to date.I heard that there isn't any "display" and "stereoscopic 3d" buttons in notebook nVidia ctrl panel.So do you accept this statement???what should i do???This is my nVidia Control Panel picture:
4f691ac947fd.jpg So please help me with the problem!!!:frown::frown:
I heard that there isn't any "display" and "stereoscopic 3d" buttons in notebook nVidia ctrl panel.So do you accept this statement?

I thought as much especially after looking at your control panel. Apart from the '3d' is there anything particular you wanted to do?
dear friend.that link doesn't work although I have the latest nVidia driver version and 3D vision driver installed on my notebook and i dont find any thing in my nvidia ctrl panel
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