Nvidia driver causes screen to go blank after login screen on 64 bit

I am unable to find a nvidea driver that will work with my system. Every driver i have tried works until after the login screen, then everything goes black.

This is what i have:

Windows 7 Pro 64 bit
AMD Opteron Processor 250 2.39 GHz (2 Processors)
2 GB RAM (planning on upgrading to 4 as soon as i get the display working)
Nvidia GeForce 7600 GS AGP

Drivers - Download NVIDIA Drivers
Also try the gray graphics button on this page on Internet Explorer, it will load a add on once you give permission. This add on will check for the latest driver for you card

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I tried using nearly all of the archived drivers and i also tried getting the latest driver using the Nvidia auto search which came up with a new driver released 3/25/10. Neither worked. I also realized that i think the computer is freezing when it goes to the black screen after the login because i get only partial of the trumpet login sound and then it abruptly stops. Any other ideas?

I'd said I wanted to put the OS on my new computer. So, I got it home from the shop and attempted to install the 64-bit version. It stopped booting up at about the same stage yours does. I could get into Safe Mode and sometimes start normally from there. I tried everything but in the end, took the computer back to the shop. He did the one thing I was a bit worried about trying. He updated the BIOS. Not a hint of a problem since then.

My computer build is very different to yours but I thought I'd sign up and mention this because the symptom and the point of failure in the boot-up sequence is similar. I hope it helps.

(Asus P5Q-EM - Radeon 3850 - Intel Quad core).

Here is an update. I rolled back to 32 bit but i am still having the exact same problems. I have tried a few different drivers with still no luck. Any other ideas?

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