Windows 7 NVIDIA driver issue - black screen with cursor after bootup


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May 12, 2009
Well unfortunately, I have another issue. It turns out that little driver issue I had wasn't so little.

In order to install the RC, I had to switch out my PNY Geforce 9800 GTX+ video card for some Radeon card that came with an HP tower we had. So the installation was fine, and i installed some updates.

However, when i switched the cards back, windows automatically installed the driver. But, when i restarted the computer, I get to the login before i put in my password, a black screen with only a working cursor appears.

I've tried uninstalling the windows driver and reinstalling the driver from NVIDIA, but it gives me an error like there was no device found compatible with the driver. I've been using the Geforce Series 9 driver for windows 7 32-bit. I've also tried disabling it in device manager then reinstalling over it while in safe mode. The only way I can get to my desktop after windows installed its driver is through safe mode. I've also tried going through low resolution on reboot, but that doesn't work.

I've googled the problem, but haven't found a solution that works for me.
Any advice and suggestions are appreciated.

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Why cant you install the RC with the nvidia card? Not that that is your problem. You should be able to switch those cards out.
Funny, I have this problem with Vista. All the newest nVidia drivers crashes my computer and makes it unable to boot up again. After the Vista loading bar, I get a black screen with and sometimes without a cursor. After a while it tends to either BSOD or just hang. This happens with all the newest drivers such as 182, 185, ect. I too have a 9800GTX. I had to go all the way back to 178 before the drivers didn't kill my computer. So I'm not really sure what could solve your issue. I get no help from the people over at the nVidia forums, and I believe you need the newest drivers to run the 9-series properly in W7. Tbh, it seems like the 9800GTX is the problem. (You can read more about my issue here: This is really pissing me off.. (185) - NVIDIA Forums )
Hey folks, ran into the same problem as Dennis and others. Tried checking monitors under screen resolution as Dennis had suggested, however only one monitor was listed under Number of monitors on my machine. Having that possible solution not work, I thought trying the other DVI output on the back of my GEFORCE NVIDIA card might work. And it did! Screen went right to the Desktop View, so give that a try if you have Dual DVI outputs on the back of your NVIDIA-based card.

Mark West
I have this issue the odd things is i've been using the win7 rc for most of the year with a 9800 GT and the issue has only just started.
If its a case of the card being to old with to new drivers would changing to a new nvidia card solve the issue, or even dare I say an ati card? I'm upgrading my pc at christmas anyway, going quad core and although I wasn't planning to change gpu's if it solves the issue I could have my hand forced.
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