Nvidia Drivers Causing Startup Lockup

Hello everyone,

I've been running windows XP 32bit for a long time now, but I've recently upgraded the RAM to 6gigs and it only reads 3.25, so I decided to dual boot Windows 7 RC1 64bit instead of buying Windows XP / Vista 64 bit.

After successfully completing the installation and the final reboot happened, my computer booted up, I selected Windows 7 and watched as it went through the "Start Up" screen. The one that starts with 4 floating lights that combine to make the glowing Windows logo. After about 10 seconds the computer completely locks up, and after about 30 minutes BSODs very quickly and reboots, without giving me a chance to read the BSOD.

At first I thought it was a corrupt file on the DVD, so I burned the image to the DVD this time at the slowest rate, but that did not solve the problem. Next I stripped the computer of all unnecessary hardware (except the Video card), unplugged all USB devices, and used a PS/2 Keyboard which did not solve the problem. I finally decided to remove my video card and use the on board one, and BAM! Windows 7 starts up perfectly.

It was time to test out why the video card was causing the crash, so I put it back in and booted into windows 7 Safe Mode, and that worked. I loggedin and removed all nvidia drivers, all nvidia startup processes, and all nvidia related services, then rebooted. Windows 7 boots up into normal mode perfectly after that, but there are no video drivers installed, and I still cant find a driver that works with it.

Here is a list of drivers that I've tried.

Nvidia Drivers for Windows Windows 7 64bit 186.18 whql
Nvidia Drivers for Windows Windows Vista 64bit 186.18 whql (probably the same as the windows 7)
Nvidia Drivers for Windows Windows Vista 64bit 182.06 whql
Nvidia Drivers for Windows Windows Vista 64bit 178.13 whql

I have a Foxconn Geforce 8800 GTS 640mb

AMD Athlon 64 X2 4800+
Gigabyte Mobo
6 gigs of PC 6400 DDR2 Crucial memory.

I forgot to mention that I ran Windows 7 Beta 32bit before without having any problems, It even became my main OS at one point until I decided to upgrade my ram to 6 gigs.

Please help me out, I have a few more things I'm going to try like installing the nvidia Windows XP 64 bit drivers, and some other stuff. But if you've encountered this issue and found a solution, please let me know, I would really appreciate it.

Thank you!

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So I attempted a few more things all of which were unsuccessful, but I think it might help in cornering the issue.

First I did a clean wipe of the partition Windows 7 is on, and reinstalled it to make sure that all Nvidia related system files have been removed. Then I installed the Nvidia drivers provided by Microsoft Update, but that didnt solve it. But then I swapped my video card with a friends Geforce 8800 GTS 512, AND IT WORKED!!!!

I wont lie, I pretty much knew it was going to work. If I remember correctly the 8800GTS 512 was more popular and outperformed the 640 for whatever reason. And I assume that Nvidia's developers make sure their more popular line of video cards work first then worry about the rest, which makes sense in away.

I'm confident my Video Card will eventually work with Windows 7 RC after a few more driver updates, and possibly Windows updates. But unless someone can come up with a quick fix for this issue, I'll have to use my on board video card, or wait for the updates.

Thanks again everyone.

Personally I would say it is the Foxconn, not that it is a 640. But Foxconn.

You can also try Opitmized drivers from places like Guru3d

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