nvidia drivers dont work with windows 7

:mad: I have two computers running both windows 7 Home Premium, I have a nvidia 7600 gs 512 mb and a 7300 gs. After updating the driver to the most recent I cant get the computer to boot past the splash screen, it just gives me a completely black screen. These video cards were working just fine until new driver. I have no onboard graphics to turn off, I have tried a complete uninstall of all nvidia with drive sweeper and reinstalled with no avail. I am using the s-video tv out funtion. Safe mode works fine. I have tried to roll back the driver and same thing still happens. I have been putting alot of time into trying to fix this and I am hoping for some good help from you wonderful people on these forums!!! Any help would be appreciated and Thank You in advance for any given!!!!!!1


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Have you tried uninstalling the drivers, not just rolling back? Do this from Device Manager, and make sure you tick a box "Also uninstall software for this driver" if presented the option. If this works, you should be able to boot back into Windows with standard display drivers, then try to update DIRECTLY to the latest nVidia release, otherwise grab the driver files online and update manually.

Thank you for the reply!! I did do a complete uninstall. After that everytime I would turn on computer it would load its own driver for the video card and tells me I need to restart the computer for the changes to take effect. Upon reboot I get the black screen. I turned off the ability for windows 7 to do this in Device Installation Restrictions, but even when I load the driver myself I still get a black screen.

Ok, this is the first forum I have ever joined, the driver version is 285.62. I got the 7600 to work but I keep getting this error pop-up now and the driver crashes. The error pop-up says "Display driver Nvidia Windows Kernel Mode Driver, Version 285.62 has stopped responding and has recovered." The 7300 still gives me a black screen when driver is installed.

You just check the latest update for your nvidia and then install it.

Ok, I tried installing latest drivers. I have tried just about everything I could find for my problem. I tried a clean install and windows 7 home premium wouldnt install unless I did shift and f10 at same time and disabled my card in command prompt device manager. I have windows running again but I am afraid to turn back on my graphics card for fear of same issue as before.

PLEASE SOMEBODY HELP ME!!!!! PRETTY, PRETTY PLEASE!!!!! I have done a complete reinstall of windows 7, as posted above, and I updated everything and installed all drivers but the nvidia 7300 gs driver. When I was done with every other update everything was running just fine, but as soon as I installed the nvidia 285 driver my computer will no longer boot :( I have been dealing with and researching this for atleast a month which is why I finally joined a forum. I have tried everything I could find and everything else I could think of and nothing works. SAVE MY SOUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have also updated a few of my profile settings if it helps, THANK YOU IN ADVANCE SO MUCH IF ANYBODY CAN HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Assuming you've tried all above, there's a good chance the problem lies in your actual hardware. There could be an issue with the video card. Sorry I couldn't be of further assistance.

On second thought, check in your BIOS for graphics option. Disable onboard and force PCI.

My problem ended up being some blown capacitors on my video card. I replaced the capacitors and all is mostly well. Now I just get the Nvidia 285.62 has stopped responding and has recovered error. Has there been any headway on this error?

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