Nvidia GeForce 8400 GS can not Dual display -Monitor 1 loses signal after startup

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    The following drivers will Not dual display: 295.73-Feb.2012 to 306.97-Oct.2012

    But these previous drivers Will dual display: 285.62-Oct.2011 (also beta 290.53) and earlier to at least 185.93-May 2009

    Card output: Dual Monitor Solution 59 pin socket (DMS-59) to VGAx2 cable adapter
    Driver: 306.97 October 2012 - latest driver and clean reset install
    OS: Windows 7 64

    At login screen, the system powers off monitor 1 and powers on monitor 2. Windows behaves in every way as though dual display is working fine even though monitor 1 does not display because it's not getting a signal. It's the same for single display -a monitor on cable 1 powers off after startup finishes; or a monitor on cable 2 will display for both startup and windows. An interesting observation is that drivers 295 and later drivers reverse the monitor order numbers 1 & 2 shown in the control panels from the drivers 285 and previous.

    Less important details:

    Linux Ubuntu 10 dual displays fine. And so does my Windows XP 32 computer also with a GeForce 8400 GS but VGA & DVI output instead of DMS-59. It uses the latest (306.81) driver.

    Tried Same Resolution and refresh rates: 2 of the 4 monitors I have tried have the exact same 'recommended' resolution (1280X 1024), both 60Hz, and even chose 16 bit color for both instead of 32 to reduce resources.

    Both 'Extend these displays' in Windows Screen Resolution and 'Extend' in the Nvidia Control Panel is selected. And changing which one is primary does not turn on monitor 1. Nor does switching the position of display 1 in either (ex. left/right/top/bottom).

    My Windows 7 64 is an upgrade from Vista 64. One person in another forum with the same problem resolved theirs by reinstalling Windows 7. But another got the same problem only after a fresh clean install of Windows 7 64 with the same GeForce 8400 GS and DMS-59 when it had previously worked in Vista. Dual Monitors - Only One Works at a Time

    Tried two VGAx2 cable adapters in case one was defective.

    Pushing a menu button on monitor 1 does wake it up, but just says,
    1: Analog Input in Power Save Mode
    Press Any Key on Keyboard or Move Mouse
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