NVIDIA GeForce 8600 GTS: DVD Movies Unusable


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DVD movie files will not play properly in Windows 7. The sound is choppy and the video is so pixelated that it is unusable. I've included an attached file to show how messed-up it looks. The same files play fine on my other hard drive running VLC media player in XP. I searched the forums and couldn't find this exact problem.

-I've tried the latest Windows 7 drivers from NVIDIA and there is no change.
-I tried to run Windows media center and VLC media player and both have the same problem
-I've tried one of the Windows 7 codec packs from CNET and there is no change.

I expect this kind of trouble-shooting when I run Linux but not after shelling out $$ for an operating system that's been touted as fixing all of these types of issues. I like most of the other GUI changes in Windows 7, this one problem is very irritating. This is a pretty basic function for most folks.

-Windows 7 Home Premium (64 bit), installed yesterday
-Windows media center
-Latest NVIDEA Driver (Version:
-VLC Media player
-XP on other hard drive works fine playing the same file in VLC

-Graphics card: NVIDEA GeForce 8600 GTS
-Intel E6750 Processor, 2.66 GHz
-6 GB RAM 1333 MHz DDR2
-Gygabyte P35C-ds3r

Any ideas? I'm frustrated. :eek:


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Thanks for the tip, that worked. :D

The movies are now viewable but they don't appear quite as sharp as in XP.:rolleyes:


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I'm curious. I have a very similar computer--but with an Intel motherboard--and loaded Windows7 yesterday. I normally watch movies with DVD X but tried Media Center after reading the OP. Mine worked fine with whatever codecs came with it. Why?