Nvidia Geforce GFX 285 1gb Runs better on W7? Why?

Discussion in 'Windows 7 Graphics' started by TheHater, Feb 2, 2010.

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    I've just bought a brand new nVidia GeForce GFX 285 graphic card and I'm using Windows vista 32 bit, An tech guy told me that my card will not be good on the vista and that it will run perfect on Windows 7, he also said that Vista kills frames. I'm mainly a gamer and I know people who changed from vista to Windows 7 and got terrible FPS {Frames per second} issues while in game, will those issues appear with a good card such as this (Dual core 3.8 ghz procesor, 4gb ddr2 ram) Main question: Is this true that Vista kills frames and that the card wont be good if i use vista with it ? THanks.
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    Whilst it's true that vista isn't as fast as 7 in some instances your card will run absolutely fine under vista. The only reason why someone would want to change to 7 would be perhaps for DX11. As your card is DX10 then windows 7 would offer no more than vista already does apart from it's smoother operating style and not so heavy hardware requirements.
    I use windows 7 myself but if you don't feel like you have to change then there is no other reason to other than perhaps DX11 but as your happy with the DX10 card then don't feel pressured.

    Don't just believe me though, see it for yourself here:

    Windows 7 vs Vista VGA game performance
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