Nvidia GeForce Go 6800

Win7 doesn't reconize my Nvidia GeForce Go 6800, instead it just used the onboard vga, (everything was sooo big)
I downloaded win7 drivers from Nvidia and it still couldnt find my card, I had it search for new hardware, even had someone try to help with remote assistance. On the win7 combat. wizard it said it was supported, but it wouldnt support areo. It was my first os install doing the Raid thing first, but that seemed to go ok as it continued to install without errors.
it also doesnt show up under device mgr. I have since put xp back on using the system restore disc, but I still want win 7
Any ideas? Many Thanks, below is my pc info.

Alienware Area 51 m7700 (laptop)
Processor Intel Pent. 4 3.00ghz
Bios Phoenix
mobo Clevo/D900T
HD Promise 2+0 stripe/RAID0 scsi disk device
win xp media cntr, sp3
2gb ram
hope thats the right info:confused:

I tried Alienware and Nvidia support, nvidia sends me to alienware comes up with an empty list of drivers.
I don't understand why win7 comp. wizard said its supported.


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I had a similar issue with our Dell laptop and an ATI Radeon Mobility X1400 driver. WIndows installed and only used a standard VGA driver. There are no drivers at ATI nor at Dell for Windows 7 yet Windows compatibility said it was okay. I also tried to find new hardware and that didn't work.

My solution was to simply go into device manager and select the Display Adapters and then the standard VGA (or whatever it was called). I simply right clicked on the adapter and then clicked on "update driver" and it automagically found my card and installed the correct driver from the Windows site. I actually saw this a few times with different computers. On one I uninstalled the monitor (not the display adapter) from device manager and then when Windows went to reinstall it, it found the right video adapter and driver. I suppose you could also uninstall the display adapter if these don't work and maybe it will find the right card. And to address your aero concern. Windows compatibility stated the same thing on one of my computers with an ATI X300 video card. Yet aero works just fine with it after installing Windows 7 Professional.



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I think Peregrine's answer is the exact one your looking for.


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Miracles can happen with drivers, but I doubt you will squeeze anything out of that card. My best bet would be to try one of the older drivers, if they are available, and see if it will install in compatibility mode.

I tried Alienware and Nvidia support, nvidia sends me to alienware comes up with an empty list of drivers.
I don't understand why win7 comp. wizard said its supported.
I think there is a chance that sooner or later Nvidia will write drivers for GeForce Go 6800, if NVIDIA users insist on their requests. For now it is worth trying both 1) the XP driver in XP SP 2 compatibility (Setup > Properties > Compatibility Tab), and 2) trying to install a standard VGA adapter if it works for GF Go6800 (e. g. windows standard VGA driver does not work for my ATI 4850).

I would submit my request to NVIDIA if you haven't already. GeForce 6800 is not that lousy a video chip, in 2004-2005 it used to be like GTX 295 is today. I myself used to have a desktop with GF 6600, and it was fully compatible with the Aero interface in Vista.

Yeah, I'm having problems with that too. I'm trying to run 7 on an Inspiron 9300, and everything works fine until I install video drivers. What happens is I get a BSOD and get thrown into a boot loop. This happens when I let automatic updates download it, when I go and download it myself, even when I run an older version of it in compatability mode. I've even tried the update device driver from the Standard VGA adapter. It's starting to get a little annoying....


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Maybe way off, but we're Boy getting anywhere............

I feel it's a video card problem that's causing the blue screen error

I see you have an Nvidia card.

Try this, download the latest driver from Nvidia's site, then get Universal Extractor

On install only check the top box. It will create a UniExtract Files on the right-click context menu.

Rather than double-clicking the file, this will extract the contents of the .exe file, No go to Device Manager and under Display adapters, choose update driver software, and browse to where the .inf file was extracted and select it to begin the installation process.

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