NVIDIA Geforce Go 7400 Problems / Win 7 Ultimate

I have been scouring the forums trying to get this issue resolved to no avail... please help :razz:

Im running a Sony Vaio VGN-SZ430N with GeForce Go 7400, and just upgraded to Win 7 Ult 32 from Vista Biz 32. After the upgrade everything appeared to be working fine, but now i have backlight issues! The hardware is fine, and as the laptop boots the POST Screen is normal and the "Windows is Starting" screen is normal, but when it passes that to load the desktop - the backlight shuts off!!!! If i uninstall the display driver (says its the Geforce Go 7400), and reboot, Win 7 loads the standard VGA driver and the backlight is normal, however max resolution is 1024xXXX.

I have downloaded the WIN 7 32 Bit Drivers From NVIDIA (179.48), and installed them - and after reboot it worked great. But if i shut down or restart again.. its back to the same problem!! (NOTE:The VGA out/external works properly.)

It seems like when the system reboots that 2nd time its reverting to the old, non-functional drivers... anyway to delete all the old drivers or stop windows from reverting back to the old set?



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Same problem, but with Win 7 Professional

I have the same problem with this laptop and the 7400 but switching to 945 stamina display seems to work. Also had problems with the bluetooth, but getting the updated drivers from the Toshiba site restored the bluetooth functionality. I hope there is a fix for the backlight soon, since Sony will not support Windows 7 on the SZ430N.

Same, on Windows 7 Home Premium

Same problem...

Running Vaio C2 Z/B...... help!!!

solution found

I finally got it to work!!!

First download the Windows 7 32-Bit Beta Drivers from NVidia. Then go to this page and follow his steps starting at 2.. it worked perfect. It basically tells you which INF contains your driver:

Brian On Software Blog Archive Installing NVIDIA drivers on Windows 7

Good luck...


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Worked for me too!

Thanks Husker

Your method worked for me on my Sony Vaio SZ430N. Only thing I had to do is add a second monitor so I could see what I was doing, since the backlight on my notebook was off.

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