~ Nvidia GTX 300 ~

~ Nvidia GTX 300 ~

Nvidia Gtx 300 Series - Specs Leaked and Updated - Associated Content - associatedcontent.com

GT300, i.e. Geforce Tesla 300, architecture will take the performance of graphics cards to the next level. They had something in their mind to create more powerful chip than GT200, that's why Intel's Larrabee couldn't use their brain because they refused to work for them saying, 'take a hike fellas! We have got our own chip to make!' Anyway, GT200 was just the experiment of upcoming technology.

GT200 had 24 cores in it and GT300 features 32 cores straight-forward. You can see significant increase in chip design, as well as overall performance. It also features MIMD architecture which means Multiple-Instruction Multiple data, way better than ATI's SIMD (Single-Instruction Multiple Data).

Since these cards are under development, there is no way that anyone can predict the perfect figures. But sometimes, closest figures make us excited.

Based on 40 NM fabrication architecture, just like ATI's 5000 series graphics cards.

- Finally GT300 should utilize GDDR5 memory which may go beyond 3 GHz. The size can vary according to the developer's mind. But we will definitely enjoy it in 1GB size, that's pretty obvious though.

- After so many preparations, GT300 doesn't look to follow the trend of 256-bit bus processing. I may go all the way up to 512-bit bus.

Nvidia may offer the most expensive hardware but the technology which it packs happens to be state-of-art.

- Everything will be doubled for great computing and gaming. Core clock may reside between 850 MHz and beyond, but not less than that.

- DirectX 11 support - As you know that ATI suffered drastically when they failed to adopt future DirectX version with their HD 2XXX cards. From that point on, ATI has always been keen to develop graphics cards which support future version of graphics card.

Specs :

GTX 300
Run on a 40nm process.
Utilizes 1GB GDDR5 clocked at 4.0 ghz (Memory clock set to 2.0ghz effective 4.0ghz)
512-bit bus
Core Clock increased to 850mhz
Double SPU count 384 SPU.
DX11 support

HD5870, 5870x2
Run on a 40nm process
Utilizes 1GB GDDR5 (2GB for x2) clocked at 4.8 ghz(Memory clock set to 2.4ghz effective 4.8ghz)
Core Clock increased 950mhz(1000mhz for x2)
50% more SPU count 1200 SPU (2400 SPU for x2)
DX11 support
ROPs doubled to 32
Texture Units increased to 48


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Sounds excellent as I;m partial to Nvidia cards.............

but any price point?

No price anywhere mentioned, and the specs are not fully clear yet. All quite secretive. The only clear significance to me is the MIMD (Multiple Input Multiple Data as opposed to ATI's SIMD).


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Oh, If I was only a rich person to build the ultimate rig;)

You don't have to be extremely rich to build a pretty powerful rig.

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