Nvidia HDMI Audio Not Working!

Oh my what a huge pain in the butt. I installed Windows 7 clean on my Gateway p7805u. It has a gforce 9800m GTS. When I connect to my HDTV it says "Plugged in" and I do see the Display fine. The weird part, no audio. I've tried everything, installing new drivers, custom drivers, etc. Uninstalling, re-installing. Cleaning out all drivers completely and re-installing. Restoring windows back to the day I installed Win7. NOTHING works.

-Reinstalled Drivers
-Put Default on HDMI
-Made sure the tv wasn't on mute and volume was up (lol)
-tried various drivers
-Only put the display out on TV
-Tried disabling my speaker audio
-Uninstalled-Reinstalled several times

I use this laptop every day on HDMI.. Not only for personal, but for business. I need this to work by Friday or I'm screwed. If someone can help me fix this, we'll discuss a fair price and I'll paypal someone. I can't fuss around with this any more or I'll throw the damn thing. I'm starting to think Win7 is just another Vista.

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