NVIDIA Video Driver, 195.62, Problem


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The NVIDIA Drivers installed by Windows Update when I installed Windows 7 64-bit worked fine on my 2 Dell 24" Monitors but not all the NVIDIA "extras" were present. I receved an email this week from NVIDIA stating that their new driver, 195.62, was available for Windows 7. I downloded fromthe link in the email, uninstalled the old NVIDIA drivers, restarted my PC and began the installation of 195.62. Went so far and then I received the message "The system has not been modified. To install . . . . . "
Since then I have searched NVIDIA Forums and noted many people had the same problem with different NVIDIA cards. I tried all the solutions given without any luck, e.g. uninstalled the drivers in Device Manager, uninstalled NVIDIA from Add/Remove Programs in Control Panel, rebooted, stopped Windows 7 trying to install new drivers, etc., all without any luck. I even tried Windows Update again to try to get back to the original drivers installed when I upgraded to Windows 7 only to be told the newest drivers were installed! I even tried updating the drivers through Device Manager, only to get the same message. Windows Restore wouldn't even go back 2 Restore Points.
As you can guess I have got very frustrated after working on this for over 2 days and I am now typing this on the one monitor that's working in glorious VGA 800 X 600 resolution! Any help or advice would be gratefully appreciated.


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Couldn't you reply to their originaln email?

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I used to think getting the latest driver was best. Lately I moved to more of if it's not broke don't fix it. As good an the support is for a new OS like 7 there is still room for improvement. Did you try uninstalling driver in Safe Mode?


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Thanks RegHakr - Yes, I replied to email - no response yet, surprise, surprise!

And Thanks Joe, Couldn't agree with you more, leave it alone if it's not broke! But it was the bells and baubles that trapped me into getting the latest driver plus one of my software applications wouldn't install and informed me to get the latest drivers! Yes Joe, I tried uninstalling in Safe Mode but still no joy.

I will find a fix and I will post it on here. That's confidence for you!!!


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How did try try to upgrade the drivers through Device Manager.........just click on update driver software?

I'll tell you how I got it to insatll...........

Download Universal Extractor just click just one box at the top. This creates a UniExtraxt entry on the right-click context menu. Now right -click on the .exe file on your desktop.. It should extract the contents of the archive in a folder of the same name, look for an .inf file, If you find one ,go to Control Panel > Device Manager, right-click on the Nvidia entry and choose update driver software, then navigate to that folder and select the .inf file

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Try removing any Nvidia software using this app:

Guru3D - Driver Sweeper

Then try the windows update again. If you were trying to get the nvidia control panel before I'm pretty sure you can install that seperately but see how you go with the above first..


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Final Update

Futtered around for another couple of hours at the weekend and finally got back to where I started with Windows Update installing NVIDIA Driver Version in Safe Mode.
As you might guess I don't feel much to trying anything else for a while - Thanks RegHakr , Joe and Kemical

What really gets to me is how Microsoft Windows Update does not pick up the NVIDIA new drivers 195.62 - surely this should be a priority for such a great new Operating System!


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