nvlddmkm STILL causing problems

I've found hundreds of posts around the Internet on this, going back as far as January of 2007, and affecting every O/S from XP through Vista, and now into Windows 7.......

For once, it's not my system experiencing the problem. A friend's system:
quad core 8400, P5Q motherboard with current BIOS, 4GB of memory, 9500 GT video, Windows 7 64-bit, normal everything else.

Due to some other problems the system was having, a reputable local shop tested everything, and replaced memory, motherboard, cpu chip, O/S repeatedly, and so on. The only original part was the video card.

She doesn't play games, but DOES use Adobe Photoshop CS4. When printing an image with a preview, about half the time the system says it's going into power saving mode, blacks out the screen and crashes. It'll sometimes got to BSOD with nvlddmkm as the error.

I SWAPPED OUT the video card with one of mine that's been working fine on XP and W7. What my 9400 GT, it STILL got the error:

"Display driver nvlddmkm stopped responding, but has succesfully recovered.

with regularity. Difference is, the box didn't crash, just threw the error.

For this problem to persist across multiple operating systems, for this extended period of time, seems bizarre. I presume it's the standard multiple-manufacturer, finger pointing problem - nobody wants to accept the blame. This has apparently become so widespread nvlddmkm has its own website. BUT, has ANYONE in here seen/found a real, working solution?

Hello? Does anyone have any useful information on this?


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If you sitiuation is strictly with Photoshop, there have been some updates in regard to Win 7. Have you checked for those?

I run a Nvidia 6800 GTX and a 260GTX in Win 7 and they both work fine. I do not run Adobe Phototshop.

Yes, her problem is only occurring (as far as she knows) in Photoshop. Doesn't play games or anything.

I wasn't aware of any updates in this area. Are they from Adobe for Photoshop or from MS for Windows? And are they part of the normal Windows 7 updates, of which we've been getting tons?



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Check Adobe... I do not use the software so I cannot guarantee the updates will help, but I have seen postings of updates being applied.

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