Windows 8 Obstinate update


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Sep 5, 2015
Hello. I have problems with windows10 update, or rather not updating to this. I uninstalled this update KB3035583 and even though "WINDOWS UPDATE" still wants to restart my computer for this update, update reschedule tool still works, and I can't search for other updates untill I restart and install updates. I took a risk and pressed "RESTART NOW" but nothing happend, nothing got installed and nothing actually changed. I have once accidentaly started the update but I turned off my computer to prevent it. That's the issue I can't solve. Please help me get rid of this obstinate updating problem. I'm running windows 8.1.
Have you considered using system restore to back before the update was installed?

Oh and i moved your thread to the correct section.
Well, it happend a while ago and I am not able to move backwards that far. I thought it's a temporary thing and it will disappear but it didn't.
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