odbc32.dll is "Access Denied"

Trying to install a program on win7 (64bit) and it says

"The following error occured on the file "c:\windows\sysWOW64\odbc32.dll"

Access is denied.


I have admin rights to this comp and I am running the install as an admin. The only thing I can think of is another program is using this .dll and making the install think its a read only. However I don't know how to find out what programs use what .dll's Any help would be sincerly apperciated.


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If you are running a 32 bit version of Windows 7, do you have a sysWOW64 folder?

Maybe I am misreading your situation.

Sorry I'm testing apps on both 32bit and 64bit for large company to migrate to win7. Anyway the first post is a 64bit error I get. (I'll edit that post)

For the same app on the 32bit I get this error

The following error occurred on the file 'C:\windoes\system32\odbc16gt.dll'.

access is denied


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